What we think about new Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 is a continuation of successful software from Microsoft. The price of this new iteration of a well-known software costs 110 dollars, and it brings new features to already a feature-packed package.

This new Microsoft Office introduces new Word as well as the option to take it online. Complex math equations for both the Word and Excel are also something many people will find useful. The option to save files on several different Cloud servers is also something many will like.

If you are interested in our opinion of Microsoft Office, 2016 then read the text that follows.

Pros of the new iteration of the Office

New Office comes with a downloadable version that, once bought, links to your Microsoft account and you can download it every type you re-install your system. This removes the risk of your Office disk being lost or damaged beyond repair.

The interface is same as the previous versions, and this is a good thing. The major difference comes with better collaboration options. To be more precise, the Office allows editing of a file by multiple users in same time, and there is no need to refresh the file to see the changes other make. Limitations still exist as one paragraph is limited to one person and while they work on it, others can only watch, and they can’t input their changes.


Disadvantages of new Office


Some problems with ribbon tool titles still exist, for example, you have print layout option in View tab and not in Layout. The duplicate options between Insert and References still exist, and different designs make them seem as self-contained actions rather than being same.

The lack of shortcuts is still present, and no work has been done to correct that. You won’t be able to find shortcuts to see some important things like spell check and word count. Microsoft gives you the option to create your keyboard shortcuts, but it’s very complicated to find those options and fine-tune them to your liking.

We did mention the price of the Office, but that is just a price of the Word and if you buy it then you won’t be able to transfer it to Mac or Windows, depending on the type of computer you had when you bought it.

Microsoft focused their business on subscriptions, and they created Office 365. The monthly fee for this option is 10 dollars and a subscription for a year is 100 dollars. The advantage of this option is that you can transfer it between different computers as well as mobile devices.

If you want to work in Office over your mobile device, then you will have to subscribe to Office 365, as there is no option to transfer it from other devices or computers.

Verdict of the Microsoft Office 2016

While there are some improvements of the new Office, it still has problems its predecessors had. The subscription requirement makes this software very expensive, and many should stick to previous versions. If you have to upgrade to it due to work, then you should subscribe because it will give you more options than just buying it.